Payment and Cancellation Policies:


No advance deposit is required, but the full balance of your reservation is due 60 days prior to your arrival date. The credit card you used in making your reservation will be automatically charged the balance due on that date unless other arrangements have been made in advance.

If you are making your reservation within 60 days of arrival, the full amount is due immediately and your credit card will be billed within one business day.


You may cancel your reservation or make changes up to 60 days prior to your arrival date without penalty. After that time, no refunds can be given for changed or canceled reservations. There is no refund for any unused portion of your stay, nor for any reduction in guests.

If your reservation was made within 60 days of the arrival date, no refunds can be given if you change or cancel your reservation.

If you cancel within 60 days of arrival, although we cannot refund your money, we will, at your request, open up the property for re-booking. We will refund to you 85% of any money we receive for each date that is re-booked. No refund will be given for dates that we are unable to re-book. You will not be able to use any remaining portion of the stay that we are unable to rebook unless that portion meets the minimum number of nights required to stay at the property over that time period.


Driving directions with access information will be sent to you via email after full payment has been processed. These directions will also be available to you by logging in to your account on after payment has been processed.


We cannot be responsible for winter weather conditions. If you will be arriving during the winter, please be sure you have proper equipment for driving in the snow, and carry tire chains for driving over the passes. Our local roads are always kept open and in good condition for winter travel. There are no refunds for road closures; however, if both Stevens and Snoqualmie mountain passes are closed for more than eight hours and the closures prohibit you from reaching the property, you may reschedule your stay for an arrival within three months of the pass closures. Please note that the North Cascades Pass is always closed during winter.

We recommend you check weather conditions before driving through the passes during the winter, either through the DOT's website at (click on "Mountain Passes"), or by calling 800-695-ROAD.


We are required by Washington State law to include the following paragraph:

If services are canceled by Central Reservations, all sums paid to Central Reservations for services not performed in accordance with the contract between Central Reservations and the purchaser will be refunded within thirty days of receiving the funds from the establishment with whom the services were arranged, or if the funds were not sent to the establishment, the funds shall be returned within fourteen days after cancellation by Central Reservations to the purchaser unless the purchaser requests Central Reservations to apply the money to another reservation and/or date.

Rental Policies and Information:

Welcome to my home-All Seasons Mountain Retreat

The Methow Valley is an amazing place, and I am happy that I can share my home with you. Here are a few things that I hope will make your stay more enjoyable. The most important rule of all is to make yourself at home, and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Cheers, Cindy

Check in – 3:00 Check out – 11:00
$35 per hour charge if cleaners can't get into clean, unless late checkout has been arranged in advance.

Excessive cleaning, or Damage-

Excessive cleaning will be charged at a rate of $35/hour. Damage will be the responsibility of the guest, and value will be determined by the owner.


Please take your trash to the dumpster.
Recycling can be dropped off at the Twisp Transfer Station, it can be taken home, or put in dumpster.

Pet policy-

Welcome to my home! I hope you and your pet will enjoy staying here as much as my dog and I do. In order to travel more comfortably with your pet, I have included a couple conveniences for you and your furry friend. There is a dog bed so your pet can have her own place to get cozy. On the back porch I have provided a water and food bowl. Also, I have included some towels in the downstairs hall closet just for dogs, or for other messy things. Please only use these towels for your pet. Off of the back porch, there is a dirt road that leads into a field where you are welcome to walk your dogs. Please respect the homeowner rules by having your pet on a leash, and by picking up after your pet. I also ask that all pets currently be on flea and tick medication before coming to my home. Most people are great about leaving my home in good condition. However, if we need to do an unusual amount of cleaning after you leave, I will need to charge you an additional cleaning fee. Sadly, my place can only accommodate two dogs at a time, and no cats.

Thank you for choosing to stay at my home. I too love having my dog with me on vacation, so please enjoy your time together at the All Seasons Mountain Retreat.

Trail access from condo-

While standing on the back patio, look across the driveway and you will see a dirt road. This is a public access road and you may use it. Many people walk their dogs on this road. The trailhead is 1 mile from Horizon Flats Road.

- Follow the dirt road until you reach Horizon Flats Road. This is a five-minute walk.
- Turn right on Horizon Flats and follow it until it dead ends into Twin Lakes Road.
- Turn left on Twin Lakes Road
- Turn right into the National Fish Hatchery
- Trail access is at the fish hatchery. This is a dog trail as well.
- From this trail entrance, you may access many hiking and biking trails.
- has free maps of trail system. There are also maps in the Methow Valley Magazine, which you can find either in the condo, or at most of the local stores.

Energy Efficiency-

- Please make sure that the AC is turned off when you are not in the condo, and when you leave.

- Turn the heat down to low and leave all the cabinet doors, bathroom doors and bedroom doors open.

Opening the windows at night and turning off the AC will make the house much cooler than trying to cool it with the AC in the evening. Closing the blinds and windows in the morning, makes a very big difference in how cool the house will stay.


I am sorry, but I am not able to let people use the garage. You are welcome to put you bikes and skis on the patio.

Power Outage

Like in most rural areas, the electricity may go out for a short time. This rarely happens, but you should be prepared if it does. There is a propane stove that should operate in the case of an electrical outlet. In the bedrooms and kitchen there are flashlights. Extra batteries are in the kitchen drawer. There is also a battery-operated lantern with extra batteries. Attached to the bottom of the kitchen cabinets are battery-operated lights. Press the light bulb to turn on and off. In the kitchen drawer are some battery operated “candles”. Please never use real candles in the house. Fire is a big issue in our community, and anything flammable used in the house is prohibited. The water will continue to work if the electricity goes out, but the hot water will run out once the tank is empty of hot water. There is also a hand crank radio in the upstairs hall closet.

Fire extinguishers-

There is a fire extinguisher upstairs in master bedroom and one downstairs under the kitchen sink. There is also a fire ladder in the upstairs hall closet.

Outdoors grill-

There should be propane in the tank, and a spare tank available. You can also get more propane at Ace Hardware across the street. They have the correct attachment for refilling the tank only at Ace Hardware in Winthrop. If there is a dry windstorm or high fire danger, please do not use the grill.


No smoking is allowed in the condo or on the deck. If you want to smoke, please smoke in the front on the concrete.


There are instructions in the white binder for the remote controls, cable and DVD players. If there is no cable signal on any of the TVs, you can reboot the system by pressing the red button on the front of the main TV box in the living room. Access the controls where the button is by pressing the right outside of the box. A small panel will open and the button is behind the panel.


The Board of Directors of the Cascade Condominium Property Owners Association, pursuant to the authority granted by the Declarations and C.C.&R.s of the Association, adopts the following Rules which shall govern the conduct of all persons within the Condominium complex, whether Unit Owners, renters or guests. OWNERS SHALL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ADHERENCE TO THESE RULES BY RENTERS AND GUESTS.
1. Fire Hazards. No open fires or fireworks shall be allowed anywhere within the Condominium complex. No charcoal grills.
2. Quiet Times. Quiet time is between 10 pm and 7 am. Please be considerate of your neighbors.
3. Pets. Only domestic pets are allowed in the complex and no more than 3 pets shall be permitted in each Unit. All such pets must be under the control and supervision of their owner. No pets shall be allowed to enter the Limited Common Elements (areas directly in front of and behind individual units)of other owners without permission of such owner. ALL PET EXCREMENT SHALL BE IMMEDIATELY PICKED UP AND PROPERLY DISPOSED OF.
4. Parking. . DO NOT BLOCK THE NEIGHBORS’ PARKING AREAS. Vehicles are to be parked in the Unit’s garage and/or directly in front of the Unit. Limited additional parking is available on the street in front of the Unit. No vehicle shall be parked in such a manner as to impede or prevent ready access to fire lanes, other garages, driveways, or other units. Vehicles should not block or impede snow plowing and/or should be moved as needed to allow plowing access. No motor homes,campers, boats or trailers are permitted to be on the premises, except that renters and guests may be permitted to park such vehicles for the period of their stay, but not to exceed 3 days.
5. Speed limit. All vehicles must obey the 5 mile/hour speed limit to protect the grading of the gravel, to limit dust and to protect children, pets, and other pedestrians in the Condominium complex.
6. Litter. All common and limited common areas shall be kept free and clear of rubbish, debris, litter and other objectionable material.
7. Irrigation/Water lines. Do not disconnect or move irrigation hoses, connections or sprayers. Do not change any settings on water timers connected to the irrigation stand spigots or domestic water spigots.
8. Deer. DO NOT FEED DEER or provide salt licks encouraging their presence on the Condominium complex.
9. No Snowmobiling. No snowmobiling anywhere within the condominium complex.