Rendezvous Huts

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Accommodations Available: 5
Sleeps 1-10 (max of 10)

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If you ski Nordic style -- whether you're an intermediate or an expert -- you owe yourself at least one trip to the Rendezvous Huts. This is a semi-backcountry experience and even though this is a groomed trail, snow and weather conditions can change rapidly and you should be able to ski all conditions.

Our huts are simple and cozy frame buildings that sleep up to 10 people. Each is equipped with a full Kitchen (propane cook stove/oven, lighters, matches, pots, pans, sufficient utensils) a wood stove heater and fuel, sleeping pads, propane lights, and a sanitary outhouse. In general, the main floor has a 48" double bunk bed and a single sitting/sleeping shelf by the fire. Upstairs, is additional sleeping, for 5 to 6 persons. Each hut varies slightly. All huts have 5 double mattresses and can accommodate up to 10 people, just depends on how cozy you want to be with those friends of yours. Typically, groups max out at 8 folks.

Firewood is stockpiled at the huts. Water (7 gallons water), and trash removal is handled with freight hauls. Those who choose not to have freight haul may need to boil water. 7 gallons of water is provided in in the spring, summer and fall as well.

You may ski the hut and trail system from one hut to another, or travel loops on interconnecting trails. There is a TRAIL PASS FEE for every day that you ski the trail system. Passes are sold at several different establishments in downtown Winthrop and around the Valley.

Dogs are welcome at Heifer, Rendezvous, and Grizzly huts only. For details on dog-friendly ski trails in the Rendezvous area, please see the Methow Trails website.


Beginning the winter 2024-25 season, a 20% non-refundable deposit will be charged within 24 hours of the reservation.

Freight Haul Drop-Off: Gear must be ready to go by 10am at the Cub Creek Trailhead.

Hut Check-out: 11am. Gear must be packed and ready for freight haul out from the hut by 10:30.

If you need other arrangements, please text Ben @ 509-429-3644. Phone calls may not be answered as we are often out of service.

Late hauls, pre-arranged or otherwise, incur a $45 charge to cover additrional staff time and gas. If you arrie later than 10am for your gear haul, we will automatically charge the late fee.

The trailhead at Cub Creek has changed. It is smaller and we're encouraging guests to carpool. (Same goes for the Gunn Ranch Trailhead.)

Common Amenities
Sleeping Pads
Propane Lights
Sanitary Outhouse
Propane Cook Stove and Oven
Wood Stove Heater and Fuel
Pots, Pans, and Utensils

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